Which Sony & Canon Video Cameras work with Vantage Point?

Canon Camera that works with Vantage Point

best portable camera mast on the market

Canon G26 is my preferred camera. The cable connections for Remote control and HDMI are more robust than the Sony. The camera comes with an offer of two batteries this is the offer to buy. You will also need a memory card to record onto. 32GB or 64GB
Select the offer @999€ with extra battery
Sony cameras will work well with most of the towers on the market, but you always must pay extra care with strain relief because their connector ports are more fragile/delicate than Canon.

Sony Cameras that work with Vantage Point 

The AX Range of 4k Sony Cameras

best portable camera mast on the marketThe AX 33 £700 approx. incl VAT
best portable camera mast on the marketThe AX 53 £800 approx. incl VAT
Older Style Sony Cameras (not 4k)
HDR-CX220, HDR-CX230, HDR-CX240, HDR-CX280, HDR-CX290, HDR-CX320, HDR-CX330
HDR-CX380, HDR-CX390, HDR-CX400, HDR-CX405
HDR-CX410, HDR-CX430, HDR-CX440, HDR-CX450, HDR-CX455, HDR-CX480, HDR-CX485, HDR-CX510, HDR-CX625, HDR-CX675, HDR-CX800, HDR-CX900
HDR-GW66, HDR-GWP88, HDR-PJ220, HDR-PJ230, HDR-PJ240, HDR-PJ270, HDR-PJ275
HDR-PJ280, HDR-PJ320, HDR-PJ330, HDR-PJ340, HDR-PJ350, HDR-PJ380, HDR-PJ390, HDR-PJ410
HDR-PJ420, HDR-PJ430, HDR-PJ440, HDR-PJ510, HDR-PJ530, HDR-PJ540, HDR-PJ650, HDR-PJ660
HDR-PJ670, HDR-PJ675, HDR-PJ680, HDR-PJ780, HDR-PJ790, HDR-PJ810, HDR-PJ820 PXW-X70 DEV-50

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