Sports Enthusiasts Chance to Seize new Part Time Business Opportunity

If getting paid to watch sport seems like something too good to be true, think again. With the growth of Video analysis at all levels of sport there is a growing demand for freelance sports videographers, using specialist filming towers such as the Vantage Point Tower from Toca Sports.
Schools, local and regional sports clubs are all starting to embrace the advantages of capturing superior quality in-game footage for coaching purposes. The unique perspective offered by Vantage Point towers coaching staff better angles for post-match analysis and allows teams to improve performance.

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What is often lacking within organisations, is a competent pair of hands to operate the filming tower. The skills involved are easy to learn, but often organisations prefer to outsource their filming so they can concentrate on the game in hand.
This is where sports enthusiasts have an opportunity of starting a small local service. Raising extra funds to pay college fees or supplement retirement income is often only some of the benefits listed by this new breed of freelance videographer. The real joy for many is being paid to do something they already really love, watching sport.
After an initial outlay for the Vantage Point Video Tower (finance packages available), your only outgoings are your travel time to the venues and the duration of the game to be videoed. For many it has opened the opportunity to work with teams at senior and intercounty/ interprovincial level and the younger generation presently studying and looking for a possible career in sports, there is the valuable experience gained as an additional bonus.
If you are interested in becoming a freelance sports videographer and want to talk to some of our existing service providers about the business or best equipment choices (Service Providers) Turn your hobby into a business, call Stephen Carroll on 0872559415

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