Vantage Point Camera Mast Fully Wired System

Vantage Point is the most cost effective and easy to use portable video tower on the market today. It’s unique design makes it convenient to transport and so simple to use. You can begin shooting high quality video footage from Vantage Point straight away, wherever you are.

Vantage Point was designed by Toca Sports as a response to 20 years of coaching experience using expensive hard to transport video towers, ladders and platforms. We decided to design a simple, inexpensive touch line camera support, to gather excellent usable footage for great analysis and improved performance.

  • Compact – can fit in any car
  • Lightweight – weighs 7.5kg
  • Operate with one hand
  • Extend to 6 metres / 18 feet
  • 10 minute set up
  • Comes with a complete all weather kit included


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